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What is OCD?

OCD is characterized by obsessions, which are repeated, unwanted, intrusive thoughts, images, and doubts, and compulsions, which are behaviors aimed at reducing the discomfort associated with these thoughts. Obsessions and compulsions can manifest in countless ways and are not limited to symptoms that may be depicted in the media, such as hand-washing and lining up items perfectly. We specialize in working with people who may not even realize they are engaging in compulsions, as they are predominantly mental. Mental compulsions may include trying to push away intrusive thoughts, ruminating, reassuring oneself, analyzing evidence, and many more.

Common Obsessions in OCD

Common Compulsions in OCD

What does therapy for OCD look like?

The current “gold-standard” treatment for OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). We also incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to bolster treatment effectiveness. Both ERP and ACT are highly effective in improving symptoms of OCD.

Read more about ERP for OCD on the IOCDF website

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