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You Can Love and Hate Being a Parent

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to be around your children? The journey of parenthood can be both incredible and intricate, with many ups and downs. Sometimes, you may feel conflicting emotions that are hard to reconcile, leading you to question your instincts. Let me offer a framework to help make sense of these seemingly […]

How to Stop Obsessing About Being in the Wrong Relationship

Understanding and Treating “Relationship OCD.” Many people have anxiety about committing to long-term relationships and struggle with important questions before making such commitments. For instance, are my partner and I compatible? Do our values align? Do we communicate well enough to make a long-term relationship work? People with relationship OCD (ROCD), a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), may obsessively […]

“Did I Offend You? Are You Mad at Me?

What it means to suffer from Responsibility OCD. At times, we may not know if something we did led to someone being hurt or upset. This uncertainty about what they may be experiencing may trigger uncomfortable feelings. Now amplify this feeling one hundred-fold and you may understand what it is like to live with a subtype […]

What is OCD “Pure O”?

You may have encountered the term “Pure O” in your search for OCD treatment. The label “Pure O” is somewhat misleading because all types of OCD, including “Pure O” OCD, include compulsions. People with Pure O also have unwanted and troubling thoughts, like others with OCD. However, the compulsions (the things they do to try […]